The differences between our schools!

24 Jan

Here in Sweden we have our canteen in a another building where we need to go when we are going to eat. At Pääskytie School they have their canteen in the same building, so the students only need to go down to the lobby and put their bags behind the stairs and the school also has its PE-hall in the school.

Another thing is that all the students need to go outside wen they have a break even if it’s snowing or raining outside, and the school also have a shedule for who’s going to make sure that all the students go out.

The students in Finland don’t have lockers, so they need to put their clothes and shoes in a lobby. And the students need to carry their bags all day long. In Sweden everyone has their own lockers, and we have all of our school stuff like books, bags and jacket there.

The dining area in the school in Finland was much better than in Sweden, we also thought that the food was also better in Finland than in Sweden, but maybe we were just lucky this week! One different thing that they have in this Finnish school were trays to put their thing on when they should eat. And that was very difficult to go with all this stuff on the trays, because you need to balance your food on it.

Finally, some of the teachers use an over head to show their students all the exercises on the whiteboard, an here in Sweden they use a projector to show us if they want to show us something.

//Tindra and Tess



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