Last day at Pääskytie Koulu!

24 Jan

We started the day by attending class and most people liked it. Then several people had power point presentation, which was nerv vracing. For lunch it was fish and potatoes. The students call the potatoes robber potatoes. It was tasty!

In the afternoon we had another presentation. We were a little bit nervous, but the presentation went well. It was a nice trip home. Without any accidents!

The school was a little bit different if we compare it with our school. For exampel they have just socks to walk with. We have shoes on. One other thing is that they don’t have that much homework that we got.

I would tell som finish words. The first one is ”ei” like means ”no”. And ”moi” and ”moi moi” like means hello and good bye. And the last world is ”joo” and ”kyllö” like means yes.

So the last thing I want to say is that we all had a wonderful time in Finland and we had get a lot of memories. We have had a wonderful week in Finland. with many laughs and funny things. We thought that the trip was very good.



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