School, Guided tour in Borgå and Sauna!

19 Jan

Today we started with getting up quite early, or at least me (Embla) and my Finnish friend Lotta. We ate breakfast and then hurried to school.

At school the Finnish people went to their lessons and we stayed in the library for studying a bit before we started with our Swedish presentations for the seventh graders.

We ate lunch at two different times, most of us at the late one just before twelve o’clock.

The lunch was some soup with bread served with banana, in their really nice dining area!

After lunch we all walked to the old town in Porvoo, it was a walk for about 40 minutes from school in the nice snowy weather.

Then we had a quite cold but nice tour in the old town with a Swedish guide.

Borgå is the second oldest town in Finland!

When the tour was finished I couldn’t even feel my feet but some of us girls went into a cozy cafe and bought some hot drinks and cookies / buns.

Right after that Lotta’s mum picked a few of us up and we went to the candy factory and tasted and bought some candy.

Then she drove home to one of the Finnish girls’ house, called Telma.

We played a game and talked a lot before her parents ordered pizza to us.

We had a really nice dinner and I tried to learn some of the finish language.

After the pizza evening at Telma’s place we went home to Antton.

Now everybody is here and play games, I will soon join😊

In a couple of hours we will go home and Lotta and I are going to their outdoor sauna, excited!!




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