Pääskytie Koulu! (School)

18 Jan

Today we went to Pääskytie’s public School. It is a very big school if I compare it with our school. It feels scary when you walk inside because you don’t really know where you are.

Today it wasn’t a normal day in school, they had different stations like how to stop a fire and a guessing game. It was amazing facts but it was really embarrasing when the firefighter told me to try in front of all the others!

Outside it was heavy snowfall the entire day. The different activities were supposed to be outdoors but the weather made it impossible. We also played in the sport hall.

Afterwards we made and ate pizzas. (And a very good desert) Everyone thinks it went great and the pizza was delicious. And like a berry at the top, it starts snowing even more and we played in the snow the whole evening😊



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