Tess Strand, Porvoo 2018

15 Nov

Hi, my name is Tess!

I’m 13 years old and live in Ulsala a little bit outside Hässleholm. I live with my mom and dad, we live on a farm on the countryside with many dogs. I like it here because it´s calm, and you have a bigger freedom than in the city. With that said, I wouldn´t like it less in the city because it´s closer to my friends and school.

When I´m not in school I like to be with my friends, watch ice hockey, play instruments and fix with my EPA tractor. The best hockey team according to me is Toronto Maple Leafs, and my favourite player is William Nylander. I also play the drums on Thursdays and sometimes the guitar. The best thing with drums is that you learn to think fast but still carefully, and you even learn how to do more than one thing at the same time.
This spring I´m going to start play rugby, that´s like american footboll but without all 
protections. The only thing you got to protect yourself with is a mouthguard. 

My favourite subject in school is math, social studies and German, and the one subject I don´t like is naturscience because I think it’s uninteresting and a heavy subject.
When I finish ninth grade, I will apply for a school in Scotland, thats 
called The Mary Erskine School. The school is located about 5-15 minutes from central Edinburgh, and its an all-girls independent secondary school.

That´s the basic information about me, hopefully there´s somebody who´s interested in the some same things as me.
Look forward to meeting you!

Best regards,
Tess Strand



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