Arkiv | juni, 2015

Skol IF-dagen!

10 Jun

Stort Grattis till vinnarna och tack till arrangörerna  för en välplanerad och rolig dag!



Fina 9:or fastnade på bild idag!

9 Jun

Nu är det nära! 3 dagar kvar! 


Elevkårens Dag!!

5 Jun



A visit to Borgå, pääskytien koulu (Elof) (Eng)

1 Jun

Hello! My name is Elof, I was with in Porvoo.

It was really fun to meet new friends in another country. I was living in a finnish family, my hosts name was Venla.

Difference in school and home: in school you dont have your shoes on and you have to carry your bag all days, when they open the canteen they take away the red rope and then the canteen is open. The school is MUCH bigger.

In the families its not so big different I think.

One day we were in Helsinki to shop, we were out sailing and we sailed to an Island there we made hot dog to eat, we met at persons house almost every night.

We were: 2 teachears, 1 student from the 7th grade (me),  some from 8th and many from 9th grade that was going to Finland from Linne skolan.
we were on some lessons in the school , among other things : home economics and Swedish lesson (which was really fun ), in the home economics we made some finnish traditional cakes.

The train leaved from Hässleholm at 05:20 and we took the train to Copenhagen Airport, then we took the flight at 08:10 that was going to Helsinki Airport were the students from Porvoo picked us up, then we were going to our host family that lived about 30 minutes away from the Airport.