18 Apr

Niondeklassare gjorde under februari månad ett test inom sitt språkval för att delta i tävlingen Språkolympiaden. Testet innehöll frågor kring kunskaper om historia, geografi och kultur i spansk-, tysk- eller fransktalande länder, beroende på sitt språkval. Spanska- och franska-eleverna var en av de fem bästa i östra Skåne och gick därför vidare till regionfinalen. De två elever med bäst resultat i språkklasserna fick tävla mot elever från andra skolor på en scen i Olympiaskolans aula i Helsingborg. Efter en lång kamp med en stor variation av frågor kom vår spanskaklass på tredjeplats och franskaklassen på fjärdeplats. Tyvärr innebar det att ingen av våra elever gick vidare till riksfinalen men det var ändå en rolig upplevelse!



Finland – Porvoo/Borgå 2018

31 Jan


The differences between our schools!

24 Jan

Here in Sweden we have our canteen in a another building where we need to go when we are going to eat. At Pääskytie School they have their canteen in the same building, so the students only need to go down to the lobby and put their bags behind the stairs and the school also has its PE-hall in the school.

Another thing is that all the students need to go outside wen they have a break even if it’s snowing or raining outside, and the school also have a shedule for who’s going to make sure that all the students go out.

The students in Finland don’t have lockers, so they need to put their clothes and shoes in a lobby. And the students need to carry their bags all day long. In Sweden everyone has their own lockers, and we have all of our school stuff like books, bags and jacket there.

The dining area in the school in Finland was much better than in Sweden, we also thought that the food was also better in Finland than in Sweden, but maybe we were just lucky this week! One different thing that they have in this Finnish school were trays to put their thing on when they should eat. And that was very difficult to go with all this stuff on the trays, because you need to balance your food on it.

Finally, some of the teachers use an over head to show their students all the exercises on the whiteboard, an here in Sweden they use a projector to show us if they want to show us something.

//Tindra and Tess

Last day at Pääskytie Koulu!

24 Jan

We started the day by attending class and most people liked it. Then several people had power point presentation, which was nerv vracing. For lunch it was fish and potatoes. The students call the potatoes robber potatoes. It was tasty!

In the afternoon we had another presentation. We were a little bit nervous, but the presentation went well. It was a nice trip home. Without any accidents!

The school was a little bit different if we compare it with our school. For exampel they have just socks to walk with. We have shoes on. One other thing is that they don’t have that much homework that we got.

I would tell som finish words. The first one is ”ei” like means ”no”. And ”moi” and ”moi moi” like means hello and good bye. And the last world is ”joo” and ”kyllö” like means yes.

So the last thing I want to say is that we all had a wonderful time in Finland and we had get a lot of memories. We have had a wonderful week in Finland. with many laughs and funny things. We thought that the trip was very good.

School, Guided tour in Borgå and Sauna!

19 Jan

Today we started with getting up quite early, or at least me (Embla) and my Finnish friend Lotta. We ate breakfast and then hurried to school.

At school the Finnish people went to their lessons and we stayed in the library for studying a bit before we started with our Swedish presentations for the seventh graders.

We ate lunch at two different times, most of us at the late one just before twelve o’clock.

The lunch was some soup with bread served with banana, in their really nice dining area!

After lunch we all walked to the old town in Porvoo, it was a walk for about 40 minutes from school in the nice snowy weather.

Then we had a quite cold but nice tour in the old town with a Swedish guide.

Borgå is the second oldest town in Finland!

When the tour was finished I couldn’t even feel my feet but some of us girls went into a cozy cafe and bought some hot drinks and cookies / buns.

Right after that Lotta’s mum picked a few of us up and we went to the candy factory and tasted and bought some candy.

Then she drove home to one of the Finnish girls’ house, called Telma.

We played a game and talked a lot before her parents ordered pizza to us.

We had a really nice dinner and I tried to learn some of the finish language.

After the pizza evening at Telma’s place we went home to Antton.

Now everybody is here and play games, I will soon join😊

In a couple of hours we will go home and Lotta and I are going to their outdoor sauna, excited!!


Pääskytie Koulu! (School)

18 Jan

Today we went to Pääskytie’s public School. It is a very big school if I compare it with our school. It feels scary when you walk inside because you don’t really know where you are.

Today it wasn’t a normal day in school, they had different stations like how to stop a fire and a guessing game. It was amazing facts but it was really embarrasing when the firefighter told me to try in front of all the others!

Outside it was heavy snowfall the entire day. The different activities were supposed to be outdoors but the weather made it impossible. We also played in the sport hall.

Afterwards we made and ate pizzas. (And a very good desert) Everyone thinks it went great and the pizza was delicious. And like a berry at the top, it starts snowing even more and we played in the snow the whole evening😊

A beautiful day in Helsinki!

16 Jan

Today we have been to Helsingfors and seen a lot of fun things. First we visited a huge beautiful white church (see the pictures!), it’s the cathedral of Helsinki!

It is the most popular location of Helsingfors. It was very cool because it was the biggest. We continued to a museum of Helsingfors and then to the harbour where we saw the ferry wheel and the ferries which takes you to Stockholm.

The weather has just been perfect besides it has been very windy and chilly outside today. The sun has shined and not a singel raindrop has fallen from the sky. It’s really beautiful here so we recomend you going here! We did eat on this place where they got hamburgers, it was good.

We also went to Fazer cafe, nice chocolate there! Then we went shopping meanwhile the others were still eating.

Tonight we have different plans!

Tindra, Tess and Sofia